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Christopher Lamberson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just a dude who loves doing artwork and I usually embrace anything with creative elements. Things like map editors, music tools, or just taking pictures. Other than that, I also enjoy doing things on my gaming systems or computers.

Here are some other things I like!!! 8-)

Games: Mega Man X / Castlevania SOTN / Metroid ZM / Halo ODST
Movies: First Blood / Shaolin / Hot Fuzz / Office Space
Shows: X Files / Flashpoint / Supernatural / Flight of the Conchords
Music: James Landino / Secret Garden / Nightwish / Zardonic


Alright everyone! Here I am again but now with a few more words about everything going on in my little world. For the last few days, weeks, more like months, I've been updating all my earlier work from my past account and moving onto this one. Instead of typing nonstop, here is a basic break down of everything I've just released. Also I just started a new You Tube channel for those who are interested!…

Metroid (Substance X)

Click the link below to view the full playlist! It has a total of 80 tracks!…

Metroid (Art Concepts)

Mega Man (Singles)

Background Brush (Mario Paint Single)

Tears of a Fairy (Zelda Single)

I also have the artwork related to these projects in my Deviant Art account. It shouldn't be too hard to notice that I'm a pretty big Metroid fan! The reason why most of this content is related to this game is because I'm planning on creating an original Metroid story. Substance X and the Art Concepts project where created out of inspiration for this fan fiction of mine. I've been thinking it up for awhile now...I actually have a great desire for story telling! Hopefully someday I will be able to shed more light on this part of me. So far I've only talked about two characters in this story...Banshee who will be Samus's rival and Baby Brain who is...very mischievous. Anyways here's some more information and pictures!

Unlocking Darkness by Caluctor Awakening Eyes by Caluctor Banshee Awaits by Caluctor

History & Background:

D.S.P. 43 (a.k.a. “Banshee”) was artificially born as a young teenager and placed into isolation within different rooms to be experimented on. Sometimes she interacted with scientists that gave her objectives while watching her behind a glass wall. Eventually she developed different abilities such as controlling Metroids and morphing her body into different shapes. Being promised to be let out Banshee realized over the years that they were just lies to increase results. Later on she befriended a younger scientist that help planned an escape with her but it ended with him loosing his life. Witnessing this event changed her personality drastically and she went on a deadly rampage. Being contained once more she was secretly kept alive due to her being too rare of a test subject. Over a long period of time her emotions continued to get worse to the point where she was constantly considered to be hostile.

Description & Personality:

Banshee’s eyes are a silver gray color but they turn blue when she’s either excited or using some kind of unique power. Her body is mostly covered in some kind of black skin that acts very similar to Samus’s Zero Suit. She has larger hands and feet that appear dangerously armored along with four tails that form from her lower back. Banshee’s voice is deeper than most females but it has a strange calmness that makes her seem not as dangerous. Comparing this woman to Samus she has a much stronger muscle appearance and stands about one foot higher than her. Banshee only shows her true personality to Samus since she considers her somewhat of a sister. Sometimes during conversations she has panic attacks and starts randomly screaming out loud. Her true intentions are unknown but it’s obvious that she has a strong grudge towards anyone related with her past experiments or suffering.

This woman is deadly, cold looking, although I can't help but feel sympathy for her...she reminds me of myself. -Samus Aran-

Baby Brain by Caluctor

History & Background:

G.O.O.M.B.A. 505c (a.k.a Baby Brain) is a prototype Mother Brain that was designed to be smaller and more responsive for the Galactic Federation. When Baby Brain was first given security controls for a classified sectors it purposely locked all personnel out of the area. After constant failed attempts were made to get back inside the Federation discarded the entire project and they were forced to relocate. Disconnecting all lines of communication they sealed up the area so nothing could be discovered. It’s been several years since this happened and Baby Brains condition is still a complete mystery.

Description & Personality:

It appears that Baby Brain found a way to attach his head capsule onto an experimental body that allows him to move around freely with four legs. His robotic arms allow him to perform smaller maintenance jobs on certain computers devices. Most of the time he removes ventilation covers so he can travel safely inside different vent paths. In many ways Baby Brain can be described as immature and a constant trouble maker. He likes messing with people’s minds by using his security controls for pranks. Usually Baby Brain never shows himself in person but he often uses nearby monitors or screens to show his face. When communicating with Samus he displays text instead of words…often misspelling things in capital letters or numbers while using popular abbreviations such as LOL or AFK.

Never in my life have I been more frustrated. This creature keeps going out of it's way to toy with me and my objectives. -Samus Aran-

There will be a few more characters as well in this story! I'm keeping these two secret for now!

Past Images by Caluctor The Deleter by Caluctor

I'm still planning on doing Season 2 of my artwork, I have a lot of pictures I'm getting ready. So many things happened all at once and piled up out of nowhere but hey, I have a pretty clean slate now! Wahoo! Here and there I might remain absent from my accounts, although I'll always be back. It takes me awhile to finish things up but I'm really looking forward to doing new stuff on here! Like I said in my last ladies!

~ Caluctor.CAL ~

This is my JAM!!!


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